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A huge radius of imagination, creativity and critical thinking skills is also provided through its copious number of co curricular activities.

A) PERFORMING ARTS: The students enjoy the tabla, guitar, drums, and synthesiser classes within this open learning environment to develop and nurture new skills.

B) ART AND CRAFTS: By introducing arts and crafts with colouring, painting, clay modelling etc, to the kids the school sows the seed of creativity within every child right from the beginning.

C) GAMES AND SPORTS: ‘A healthy mind resides in a healthy body’ is an unavoidable truth for all. By introducing various sports activities like Badminton, Cricket, Football, indoor games like chess, carom, events like Annual sports, innumerable options are created for a child to learn while playing.

D) YOGA AND MEDITATION: The school is keen to let the children involve themselves in various programmes to keep their mind and body fresh like, celebration of world yoga day, regular Meditation and yoga classes, conducting events and workshops on meditation like Happiness week and a lot more.

E) LITERARY ACTIVITY: The literary clubs through their varied activities including, essay , poetry, story writing competitions and many more inculcate the young minds with creative and generative thinking capability.